Birmingham Presentation

Richard attended the Digifest conference hosted in Birmingham (Twitter, n.d online). He broadcasted his conference visit via the use of online software. The class was informed that he will provide a link which students can click to get connected (Richardnelson n.d. online). The link was available through Moodle, email and on Richard’s website. Also, Richard was available through Twitter (Twitter @geordie_online 2017).

The conference was presented live on his Twitter page. The students could view the conference from their own locations. Richard broadcasted the presentation and showed new digital resources such as robots, new types of Turnitin and other digital resources that can be used by educational settings. There were also some software and devices that could be used for planning class lessons.

It was very useful that Richard had used an online tool for broadcasting the presentation, as all the students could be within their own comfort zones whilst watching the conference live. Additionally, other people could also join and gain information. Those who follow Richard on Twitter had an opportunity to join in and watch the presentation. However, Richard could not observe all his students and so they were not under his supervision. Similarly, students could not verbally communicate with Richard during the conference. If students wanted to ask a question, they could only send a message if there were using Twitter. Even then, it would have most likely caused distraction to Richard and may have been missed by him due to the busy conference schedule. He was delivering a presentation and was communicating with others who were at the conference so it would be difficult for him to answer queries during the conference.

This experience suggests that this delivery method can be used as an educational resource. It has the potential to incorporate a large audience. It has open access and provisions are not restricted. Despite this, it does have some drawbacks. The facilitator cannot see the students which can lead to difficulties due to a lack of connection between the teacher and students. It can be conceptualised that it is not the same as when a facilitator is present within a classroom environment as they are physically present in this situation and can see all the students.

Richardnelson. (n.d) Available: htttp://

Twitter. (n.d) Available: Twitter @geordie_online


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